UNY Postgraduate Scholarships
This scholarship is provided by PPs UNY for UNY alumni who have just graduated from Undergraduate and Masters study programs at UNY who are predicated as cumlaude. This scholarship quota is determined by PPs UNY. Scholarship recipients will be determined by PPs UNY together with the deans of the faculties within UNY, who have submitted the names of cum laude graduates who are nominated as scholarship recipients.
Indonesian Education Scholarship (BPI)
The Indonesian Education Scholarship is a scholarship program financed by the Indonesian government through the use of the National Education Development Fund (DPPN) and managed by the Education Fund Provider Institution (LPDP), the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia, which is intended for master or doctoral students, both studying in country and abroad. The aim of this program is to accelerate the availability of qualified Masters or Doctoral graduates who can contribute to science and technology. This scholarship must be applied for 1 (one) academic year prior to the registration of prospective new students. Further information can be accessed online through the
Superior scholarship
The Domestic Excellence Scholarship Program is an effort of the Ministry of Education and Culture in improving the quality of human resources, both for teachers, social activists, artists, outstanding students and athletes who won International Olympic medals, National and international champions in the fields of science, technology, arts and culture , and sports, teachers who excel in various fields, employees/employees who excel and are approved and recommended by their superiors, as well as social activists.
The main priority of the Superior Scholarship program is for students to continue their studies at the undergraduate, masters, and or doctoral education levels at a minimum B accredited college and A accredited study program at Indonesian universities. Registration is done online at
Developing Countries Partnership Scholarship (KNB)
This scholarship, also known as the Developing Countries Partnership Program on Scholarship, is intended to enhance cooperative relations and partnerships among non-aligned countries. Scholarships are awarded to students from developing non-aligned member countries who wish to study at PPs UNY. Initially this scholarship program was limited to master's level students, and then starting in 2014 this scholarship was also given to doctoral students. Students who have received this scholarship include from Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Korea, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Usbekistan, Turkey, Burundi, Ethiopia, Guyana, Kenya, Mali, Morocco, Nigeria, Madagascar, Suriname, Tanzania, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Mexico, Colombia. For more information, please visit